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Behind every successful brand is a single idea that distinguishes it from the crowd. A brand embodies everything from the story it tells and the promises it keeps, to the ideas it inspires and the emotions it ignites. Properly managed, a brand is able to increase its impact and remain memorable over time. When positioned successfully, a brand inspires action and drives real results.


Taking a brand from A to Z.

Brand Assessment

Throughout the discovery phase I research, analyze, and synthesize an amalgamation of information to best define and distinguish a brand from the competition.

Brand Story ('Positioning Statement')

I create the powerful language that resonates with a brand's target audience, and then write the 'story' that will serve as the foundation for all communications going forward.

The Science of Decision-making

Contrary to all those rumors, good ideas come from hard work. This is no guessing game. A good idea is only as sound as the foundational information that supports it—so, it makes sense that only after miles of research and analyzing that research, that the real fun starts. Everybody knows that when an ideas is grounded in reality, even the wildest of ideas stick like a sucker-punch.

The Temperature of Words

Understanding the emotional associations people make when they hear a word, plays a critical role in bringing an idea to life  And when that happens, words can tickle the imagination and dance right off the page. 


Ideas that generate goodwill, trust and allegiance. 



ACS New York,  Amazon, AMC Channel,  American Express, Axonic Global, Astra Zeneca Pulimcort Respules, Avaya, Bertinelli Sound, Banco Popular, Bausch & Lomb, Beijing Olympics, Cadbury France LaVie Bonbons + Vichy Mints, Campbells Soup, Cigna, Civetas LaGrange Daily News + Times Leader, Dandy, Del Monte, Ethan Allen, Evexia,  First County Bank, Garnier, GE Capital, Greenwich Associates, Hallmark Channel, Harmon JBL, Heineken, HealthQuest, Johnson & Johnson,  Life Extension, L'Oreal,  Lutron, Maccabiah Games, Maritime Aquarium, Mars Chocolate, Martha Stewart Everyday Paints, MaryCare, Mastercard TeenCard, Maybelline, New York Times/LinkedIn, Odyssey Channel, Open Solutions, Panasonic In-Flight WiFi, Panda Licorice, PG&E Solar Schools, PharmaEssentia, Reuters, SecureRF/Veridify, Thomas College, Tomkin Financial, UnderArmour, UV Defense, Vaseline Intensive Rescue, VividCLoud, X-3D Technologies

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